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Publisher: Holland Brown Books

Author: Fred Bartenstein, Gary Reid & Others

Foreword by Joe Wilson

Pub Date: 1/1/2015

Pages: 256 pages

Dimensions: 8 x 10 in.

Illustrations: 44 color, 19 black & white photographs

ISBN: 978-0-9897544-1-5

Format: Hardcover

Fred Bartenstein’s Latest Bluegrass Work

The Bluegrass Hall of Fame
Inductee Biographies 1991-2014

By Fred Bartenstein, Gary Reid & Others

The International Bluegrass Music Museum presents, for the first time in book form, carefully researched and engagingly written profiles of the pioneers of bluegrass music. The authors, who knew most of the Hall of Fame members personally, document not only the facts and career accomplishments of these men and women, but also capture a sense of their personalities and their impact upon fellow musicians and fans. The biographical sketches are accompanied by photographic portraits, many never-before published. A brilliant and multi-colored bluegrass mosaic emerges in this historical work, a handsome addition to the libraries of music lovers everywhere.

“This is a collection of biographical material about musicians who changed the world they inherited. They changed it suddenly and dramatically, and their creations are still evolving and reaching into the future. Millions turn to that sparkling stream of sound, knowing instantly that it speaks to their souls. Nothing created on our shores is more instantly recognized as ‘American’ than this music called bluegrass.”
– Joe Wilson, Founder/Chairman Emeritus, National Council for the Traditional Arts

Fred Bartenstein has performed many roles in bluegrass music, including magazine editor, broadcaster, musician, festival MC, talent director, scholar, and consultant. Named a Distinguished Achievement Award recipient by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2006, Bartenstein lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Gary Reid is a bluegrass music historian, journalist, and producer, based in Roanoke, Virginia.