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Bluegrass Generations

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Summary Characteristics of Bluegrass Generations (680)

December 19, 2014

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Ancestors 0 (30) Pioneers 1 (118) Builders 2 (200)
Born 1868-1900
Age 12 1880-1912
In 2005: mostly deceased
Born 1901-1924
Age 12 1913-1936
In 2005: mostly deceased
Born 1925-1941
Age 12 1937-1953
In 2005: 63-80
Recorded 1922-1980
Median 1st rec: 1927
at median age 32.5
Recorded 1927-on
Median 1st rec: 1946
at median age 27
Recorded 1941-on
Median 1st rec: 1959
at median age 25
Born in the South Born in Appalachia Rural to urban migrants
Preserved & updated 19th century music Professional country music entertainers 23% Blue Grass Boys
Major contributors to bluegrass repertoire Created bluegrass vocal & instrumental styles Fleshed out & explored within classic parameters
Played fiddle, guitar, banjo, slide guitar Played guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bass First to be called "bluegrass"
    Initiated bluegrass festivals
Dock Boggs

A.P. & Sara Carter

G.B. Grayson & Henry Whitter

Uncle Dave Macon

J.E. Mainer

Sam & Kirk McGee

Charlie Poole

Jimmie Rodgers

E.V./Hattie Stoneman

Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith
Roy Acuff

Bill & Earl Bolick

Maybelle Carter

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs

Wade Mainer

Bill/Charlie Monroe

Molly O’Day

Red Smiley

Doc Watson

Chubby Wise
Country Gentlemen 1&2

Hazel Dickens

Jimmy Martin

Del McCoury

Jim & Jesse McReynolds

Bob/Sonny Osborne

Don Reno

Classic Seldom Scene

Carter/Ralph Stanley

Mac Wiseman
Innovators 3 (246) Conservators 4 (69) Explorers 5 (17)
Born 1942-1962
Age 12 1954-1974
In 2005: 42-63
Born 1963-1976
Age 12 1975-1988
In 2005: 28-42
Born 1977-1992
Age 12 1989-2004
In 2005: 12-28
Recorded 1953-on
Median 1st rec: 1978
at median age 25
Recorded 1976-on
Median 1st rec: 1991
at median age
Recorded 1989-on
Median 1st rec: 1998 at median age
Broadest geographic origins 59% from the South 59% CA, CO, TN
Grew up with rock ‘n roll Grew up with festivals Oldest now only 28, youngest only 12
Took music to new directions & audiences 3% Blue Grass Boys, 9% Quicksilver Echo characteristics of Gen 0: 41% fiddlers, reinterpret for a new century
Fewest fiddlers Returned to classic patterns & repertoire Data base is thin; generalizations shaky
Largest generation - baby boomers Much smaller generation-baby bust  
Sam Bush

Rodney Dillard

Jerry Douglas

Bela Fleck

Hot Rize

Laurie Lewis

Tony Rice

Ricky Skaggs & Keith Whitley

Larry Sparks

Rhonda Vincent
Sidney & Suzanne Cox

Stuart Duncan

Rob Ickes

Alison Krauss

Rob & Ron McCoury

Russell Moore

Ken & Valerie Smith

Adam Steffey

Ronnie Stewart

Dan Tyminski
Chapmans (not Bill)

Michael Cleveland

Ryan Holladay

Sierra Hull

Andy Leftwich

Nickel Creek

Brandon Rickman

Ralph Stanley II

Josh Williams

Gabe Witcher